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It is not to be under estimated, having all your trim painted makes all the difference in any room. Extra white semi-gloss or as I prefer, gloss, will make any color choice on the walls Painting trim right Lancaster Papop. No doubt it is slightly more time consuming and a bit more expensive, but do not skimp on this very important part of your painting process. If you have crown molding, chair rails or wanes coating it is a must. I have some extremely “picky” customers who demand that it all be applied with a brush and your can certainly see a big difference. With a roller you can move a bit quicker and will get a stipple look like on the walls. But having that trim brushed on just gives it a distinct professional look that cannot be matched.

The best trim paint I have come across would be Sherwin Williams Pro Classic extra white, in either semi-gloss or gloss finish. It is an upper end product that will leave a nice hard shell so it will last and stand up to some abuse which trim usually receives. Doorways, window sills, baseboards and doors always take the most beatings. This will make it well worth what you spend now, for the lasting durability in the end. Also another simple step to doing your trim is to make sure all the molding has no nail holes or cracks showing by using silicone properly, and making it look seamless.

Once again I cannot stress enough, how having all you trim freshly painted, can make your room just pop out at you. It is always all about the little things you can do to make everything come together, only at OCD Painting.